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EntityDAC Professional


ORM solution with LINQ support for Delphi developers

Devart  |  60 more applications - January 29, 2020
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EntityDAC Professional
Price: $149.95
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EntityDAC Professional is a useful ORM solution for Delphi developers. It consists of a set of ORM components, and provides also LINQ support. It offers developers the ability to enhance their apps, by mapping database objects to Delphi classes.

By using EntityDAC Professional, you will be able to create queries that are independent of DB. This could be achieved because queries are written in Delphi code, by using LINQ. LINQ also has the advantage of code completion present in Delphi IDE, and the possibility to check if query is written correctly on application compilation.

There are three types of approaches that can be used for developing your database applications, consisting of database, model and code first approach. Each of these approaches uses a set of distinct steps to achieve the desired result.

By using EntityDAC Professional you will also benefit from faster loading applications, as components use a number of caching methods, from metadata caching to caching of entities loaded from the database. This eliminates the need to reload the same data multiple times.

Besides support for many IDE versions, you will also find in the package a lot of demos, help, manual and a visual designer for ORM models, called Entity Developer. By using Entity Developer, you will be able to manage ORM models without manually writing any code or text. Provided demos could also come handy to less experienced or advanced developers looking for a quick start with using the components.


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• .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 or higher

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